The segment is part of MSG Networks' first-ever "Food Week."
MSG Networks Food Week
Credit: MSG Networks

MSG Networks recently kicked off its first-ever "Food Week"—seven days of food-themed programming designed to "highlight the intersection between love of sports and passion for food," across all of their channels. One thing that exists at this intersection: Rapper Action Bronson and three Michelin Star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, interviewing each other while eating the most beautiful scrambled eggs we've ever seen.

The two sat down together as part of MSG's video series Connections, and, while the full segment isn't set to air until 11 P.M. tonight (right after the Knicks versus Thunder game), we got a sneak peek. It's a fun conversation that touches on everything from culinary school and career firsts to Jean-Georges Vongerichten's resemblance to Jean-Claude Van Damme (a comparison drawn by Action Bronson).

The pair has an easy rapport, and they clearly like to joke around. "I went to culinary school and you just dream to maybe even work in his kitchens," the rapper says, gesturing towards Vongerichten, to which the chef replies, "I was waiting for you but you never showed up."

Later, they share a brunch of scrambled eggs. Or, more specifically, soft-scrambled eggs, put back in the eggshell, topped with vodka cream and caviar, and presented in an egg cup shaped like a duck's foot. "The contrast is the hot egg, the creamy, and then the cold and salty caviar," the chef says of this recipe, which he's been making for 30 years. "You can't order these eggs at the diner," Action Bronson says. "I'll tell you that."

"Food Week" is only half over, so keep an eye out for more culinary content—similar video segments will be folded into pre-game segments, in-game spots, and "MSG Shorts," which are set to air after every game this week. “By offering unique access into the New York sports scene through a new lens such as food, we can creatively tap into a wider audience and further ignite fan passion,” Kevin Marotta, MSG's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy said in a statement. Also ignited: the appetites of everyone who lays eyes upon those eggs.