Superstar chef Todd English recently launched a new TV series, Food Trip, that shows him traveling around the world in search of amazing food experiences (much like Anthony Bourdain’s show but less crass). He said he was so inspired by Japan that he filmed two episodes there. I talked to him the other day about some of his favorite food spots in Tokyo, and although Japan isn’t particularly well known for its desserts, this one he describes sounds brilliant:

Teyandei is this little restaurant in a Japanese house that makes simple, delicious food, like pork belly salads, but they serve one of the coolest desserts I’ve ever had called Pain Ice. It’s French bread that’s hollowed out, painted inside with maple syrup and filled with vanilla ice cream. It’s frozen until completely solid, then they sear it on the outside in butter until it’s super crispy. They slice it up and serve it like a sushi roll. It’s like the ultimate ice cream sandwich.”

Since I have no plans to head to Japan anytime soon, I might just have to try making this at home. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re lucky enough to be in or going to Tokyo, please go try it and drop me a line.

Teyandei: Nishi-Azabu 2-20-1, Tokyo; 011-81-3-34078127