Since reservations at Waverly Inn in New York City are still very tricky to come by unless you’ve recently been featured in Vanity Fair, it was excellent of the chef, John DeLucie, to write a memoir. And then throw a party at Waverly to celebrate it. The Hunger isn’t a tell-all (too bad), but it does have some pretty awesome anecdotes, including one that DeLucie calls his favorite: the night he met Robert De Niro. “One of our regulars, Jimmy, was eating with him; he asked me if I knew Bob. I was like, Do I know Robert De Niro? Who doesn't know Robert De Niro? I went into the kitchen and couldn't stop thinking about it—does anyone not know Robert De Niro?. So I asked the dishwashers if they knew him, and they said, ‘Sure, he’s the Taxi Driver.’ It was pretty funny.” De Niro wasn’t at The Hunger party last night, but Harvey Weinstein was, as was designer Nicole Miller and actress Jill Hennessy (in a gorgeous vintage Nicole Miller dress). Waverly owner


hung out at the bar and snacked on DeLucie’s passed hors d’oeuvres, like tuna tartare on waffle chips and frittatas topped with black truffles. (Yeah, I guess the famous truffle-topped mac & cheese would have been hard for a party of 250, even at Waverly Inn.)