Give peas a chance!
Carla Hall peas
Credit: Ally T/Getty Images

We know what you're thinking... But it's time to wipe away any childhood memories of being forced to eat the frozen peas. Those sad, watery vegetables aren't anything like the fresh, crunchy spring peas that are popping up in farmers markets across the country.

That's right, we want you to give peas a chance. From chilled soup to flavorful salad, spring peas are sure to upgrade your warm weather cooking game.

Spring Peas with Mint
Credit: © John Kernick

Mothers who want their kids to eat more greens aren't the only ones who love this seasonal ingredient. Chefs go crazy for them, too. We asked eight chefs from all kinds of different restaurants to share how they cook spring peas, and here's what they had to say:

Brittanny Anderson, Chef/Owner, Metzger Bar and Butchery, Brenner Pass, and Chairlift

“Spring peas are a go-to for salads in my restaurant and at home. I shuck the English ones and blanch some sugar snaps, then toss them with a lemon vinaigrette (Meyers if you’ve got them) and serve alongside some fresh tangy cheese like Bucheron.”

Shota Nakajima, Chef/Owner, Adana

“I like to blanch them lightly and purée them into a chawanmushi base. Steam the chawanmushi and serve cold. It comes out to be this delicious dashi-flavored green chawanmushi. Perfect for when it's slowly starting to get warmer.”

Suzanne Cupps, Executive Chef, Untitled at the Whitney Museum

“I cook fish and spring peas a lot. Sautéed porgy with a piccata style sauce—lemon, capers, spring onions, dill and a generous handful of raw spring peas folded in at the end.”

Poached Salmon in a Fresh Herb and Spring Pea Broth
Credit: © TINA RUPP

Nicholas Elmi, Chef/Owner, Laurel, ITV, and Royal Boucherie

“At Laurel, we shell them, juice the shells, then cook the peas in their own juices, finishing with some bright olive oil, a squirt of lemon, and some grated locatelli.”

Julia Jaksic, Chef, Employees Only

“One of my favorite spring salads uses fresh spring peas, watercress, asparagus, and pickled red onions with a big dollop of preserved lemon yogurt.”

Try this unique salad that pairs spring peas with greens and cacio e pepe dressing.

Spring Peas and Greens with Cacio e Pepe Dressing
Cacio e pepe is a great way to eat pasta, but have you tried cheese and black pepper on your peas? If not, we recommend doing so immediately.

Flynn McGarry, Chef/Owner, Gem

“With spring peas, I always grill them in their pods and then double shuck them. This offers a nice smooth texture.”

Emily Yuen, Executive Chef, Bessou

“We will be incorporating spring peas in our Mapo beans dish, it adds extra natural sweetness to the dish that I really enjoy. Although Mapo tofu is more known to have Chinese origins, it has now become adapted as a staple Japanese entrée in homes. The Japanese version includes miso, adding more sweetness but still retaining its heat.”

Rodney Scott, Chef/Owner, Rodney Scott’s BBQ

“I've never cooked with a spring pea, but I would smoke a potato with sour cream, bacon, and shredded cheddar with the spring peas on the side.” (We'll take it!)

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