Buddy up with Daniel Boulud, Nancy Silverton and more star chefs in coastal California this weekend.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017
© Sean Arbabi / Getty Images / Aurora Creative

The kids had their spring break, and now it’s chefs’ turn.

The tenth annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine goes down this weekend in sunny Monterey County, California, where there will be omakase with magnums, golfing and all of your favorite chefs, sommeliers and bartenders in one place.

Join in on the fun by following the #FWFesties. Check out @foodandwine on Twitter and Instagram and look out for hashtags #FWFesties and #PBFW. Our crew of star chefs will be on the ground, Tweeting and Instagramming everything you need to know at Pebble Beach Food & Wine.

And here are the #FWFesties:

Daniel Boulud

Instagram: @danielboulud

Twitter: @DanielBoulud

Nancy Silverton

Instagram: @nancysilverton

Twitter: @NancySilverton

Michelle Bernstein

Instagram: @chefmichy

Twitter: @chefmichy

Jamie Bissonnette

Instagram: @jamiebiss

Twitter: @Jamiebiss

Gavin Kaysen

Instagram: @gavinkaysen

Twitter: @gavinkaysen