Shaun Hergatt is a fan of buttered popcorn jelly bellys.People love fall for the clothes, the changing leaves, the apples. Me, I love it, and this pre-Halloween week in particular, because it’s hard-core candy season (with the best day of the year being the day after Halloween, when it all goes on sale for half price). So let’s devote this whole week to candy, and Halloween-related sweets. And let’s get the party started with Jelly Belly jelly beans. Several chefs are fans, especially of the buttered-popcorn flavor (really). Among the New York City devotees: Shaun Hergatt at the elegant SHO; David Burke of David Burke Townhouse; and Damon Wise of Craft. Like all good chefs, they have ideas for serving the slightly salty jelly bellys. Says Wise, “The buttered popcorn actually complements any of the fruit jelly beans very well. So Jelly Bellys should always be eaten in twos: One buttered popcorn with another flavor.”