By Andrew Zimmern
Updated May 23, 2017

I have cooked French food my whole life. I trained in France, worked there and have as much experience in that style as any other, if not more. In 1992, I started work at a French bistro in Minneapolis that for the longest time served the best onion soup I ever tasted. Here is that recipe. It's redesigned for the home cook in only one way: the stock. In the restaurant we were able to make a 72-hour veal stock that provided a backbone like no other for this French classic. If you want to be super-ambitious and love the crafty part of cookery, go for it and make your own. If you have access to a butcher shop or specialty market that sells frozen homemade stock (beef or veal) the recipe below works superbly. If you are using stock from a box, it won't have the flavor, texture or collagen/gelatin needed to make this soup a home run. That being said, I have made it with Swanson chicken stock on a hunting trip and it's still pretty darn tasty. SEE RECIPE »

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