Grandma Pie Is the New York Slice You Need to Eat Right Now

Some of the best places in NYC to grab a thin, saucy slice of pizza.

Emily Grandma Pizza
Photo: Meg Farrell

Do not get Matt and Emily Hyland started on the pizza dough at the latest outpost of Emily, their hit Brooklyn pizza spot now open in New York City's West Village neighborhood.

"It's different all the way across the board," says Matt.

"Which is what's crazy with pizza dough," says Emily. "For so many other people, it's like water, yeast and flour, but variations can make a dramatically different product."

And the two are all too familiar with these tiny tweaks. They spent months developing the pizza dough for their grandma pies, making their debut for the first time at the West Village location.

"Grandma pies have always been our favorite past-time when we were normal pizza eaters," says Emily. "We loved ordering them ten years before Emily."

First invented by Long Island pizza maker Umberto Corteo decades ago, the square grandma pie, topped with a bright tomato sauce, that the Hyland love so much is proliferating in kitchens all over New York.

Emily Grandma Pizza
Meg Farrell

Here's where it's hip to be square.


Constant testing led the Hylands to their square masterpiece made with a slightly more herbaceous sauce than the kind they use at Emily and Emmy Squared in Brooklyn. Their's is a Detroit-Grandma hybrid, featuring toppings both more traditional, like the simple tomato sauce and mozzarella, and more adventurous like a tomatillo sauce with bacon, pickled chiles and ranch.

Loring Place

Best New Chef alum Dan Kluger spotlights the old-school slice at his new West Village restaurant. He stays more classic with his pan pizza, simply crowning the usual tomato and mozzarella with basil.

Corner Slice

Ramen maker Ivan Orkin aka Ivan Ramen goes back to his Long Island roots with his pizza stand inside Gotham West Market in Hell's Kitchen. The focaccia-like slice is topped with confit garlic, olive oil and grated cheese.

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