The new restaurant will open at Caesars Palace this winter and will be just as intense at the show.
Gordon Ramsay's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas
Gordon Ramsay's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas
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Fans of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen TV show should start making plans to winter in Las Vegas now. Ramsay has just announced that the first-ever Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen-themed restaurant will open in Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip this winter.

"Fans of the show have been asking us to bring a Hell's Kitchen restaurant to life since day one, so I'm thrilled to finally be doing it here at Caesars Palace," Ramsay said in the announcement. "A key element of the show's success has always been the diners' experience, so we are excited for guests in Las Vegas to feel like they too are part of the show—flames and all."

Now, while we're not quite sure what Ramsay means by "the diners' experience"—Will there be staged dining room fights between a Ramsay impersonator and the kitchen staff? Will the concept evolve (devolve?) into murder-mystery theater? Will customers first be served a terrible version of a dish, then a much better rendition later on in the evening?—it all remains vague at this point. But what we do know is that in honor of the announcement, Ramsay lit a pitchfork on fire outside of Caesars Palace. Yes. A pitchfork. On Fire.

According to the team at Caesars Palace, the space will be designed by Jeffrey Beers International and will be "an experiential and immersive destination restaurant" where "guests will feel transported to the studio set, as if they are participating in the globally popular television show." No further details were provided besides some clues to the room layout: "The dynamic and bustling kitchen will be the centerpiece of this unique eatery to be enjoyed and appreciated from every seat in the house." (We're pretty sure that means there will be performance-yelling.)

The 17th season of Ramsay's hit show kicks off later this year.

In recent months, Ramsay has made news as the most recent addition to the Smurfs family. According to reports in February, Ramsay will voice a character in the upcoming Sony Pictures Animation movie Smurfs: The Lost Vllage—but don't worry kids (and parents), the celebrity chef's signature colorful language will probably be seriously toned down for the G-rated feature film.

Late last year, Ramsay also partnered with Masterclass to produce a series of learn-to-cook videos (you can watch the trailer for the instructional series on YouTube here). He was the only chef to land on Forbes' highest-paid celebrity list last year, with estimated earnings of $54 million in 2015.