Just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

By Max Bonem
Updated May 26, 2017

Gordon Ramsay: master chef, TV host and apparently quite the burger connoisseur. The volatile English chef stopped by Good Morning America this week to share his tips for making the perfect burger, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

To begin with, Ramsay is very particular about the meat he uses. “The secret to a burger is in the blend," he says. For Ramsay, that means a mix of both chuck, for texture, and brisket, for flavor.

Ramsay also stresses the importance of seasoning the patties, including the edges, once they have been shaped to the correct size. Next, Ramsay suggests placing the burgers in the fridge the day before to let them firm up. He believes this step is especially important for your burgers as it ensures that they stay intact on the grill.

New Gordon Ramsay interview
Credit: Roy Rochlin / Contributor / Getty Images 

The next day, you will want to pull your burgers out of the fridge and let them come to room temperature while you get prepped. As Ramsay points out, letting your burgers warm up a bit will ensure that they cook evenly and that you avoid the age old conundrum of burning the outside of your burgers while they remain raw in the middle.

Once you throw your burgers on the grill, Ramsay says to leave your patties alone as they cook. "The more you move them, the more chance you've got of breaking the burgers,” he explains.

Lastly, Ramsay recommends toasting both sides of the bun and giving both sides of the finished burgers a light brushing of butter to give them a little extra flavor. When it comes to toppings, Ramsay keeps it pretty classic by adding tomato, lettuce, mustard, mayonnaise, grilled onions and cheese, which he throws on top of each burger for 30 seconds before they come off the grill.

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