Game dinner at Restaurant Daniel.

© Thomas Schaeur
Jambon de Sanglier "en Croute"

Last Wednesday night, I sacrificed watching my home baseball team win the World Series (yay Phillies!) to be a guest at the six-course game dinner at New York City's Restaurant Daniel, the restaurant's fourth annual. With the seemingly never-ending economic doomsday news, I wondered if the dinner was my last nod to decadence before hunkering down for a winter of bean dishes. The Wall Streeters and other financial types at the dinner—many of them regulars at restaurants like Daniel and Jean-Georges—talked in low voices about the troubled times, and all agreed that for now, they would not let financial woes get in the way of a great meal. While I’d love to hate them for their extraordinary dining budgets, I realized that we need their dollars to support these topnotch restaurants. That way, when times get better, the rest of us will still have places to splurge on special occasions. Some highlights and photographs from the dinner after the jump: