Our August issue, out now, includes a fun guide to local flavors with delicious in-season recipes from 15 locavore chefs. We tapped all 15 for their favorite local ingredients and had trouble whittling their generous suggestions down to a mere 45 . To round the list out to an even 50, here are five more, traveling across the U.S. from east to west:

1. Nesenkeag Farm
Tony Maws of Craigie Street Bistrot in Cambridge, MA, gets fresh cranberry beans from this charitable, nonprofit organic farm in New Hampshire; it also hosts an annual on-farm poetry reading.

2. Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket
Everyone knows about Manhattan’s Union Square Greenmarket, but all the cool people (like chef Andrew Feinberg of Franny’s) go to this Brooklyn location on Saturdays for its Ronnybrook Farm Dairy milk and Blue Moon trout.

3. The Velvet Tango Room
Douglas Katz of Cleveland’s Fire Food & Drink gives the nod to Paulius Nasvytis and Orva Fuston’s bar for its fantastic “local” cocktails with house-made bitters and vermouths.

4. Jolie Vue Farms
At this Houston-area farm, lawyer-rancher Glen Boudreaux feeds his free-roaming Berkshire and Duroc pigs pecans, making them “some of the tastiest pigs you’ll ever eat,” says Monica Pope of Houston’s t’afia.

5. Lagunitas IPA
Joseph Humphrey of Cavallo Point’s Murray Circle in Sausalito, CA, gets right to the point: “Nothing beats a Lagunitas IPA with cold oysters!” Amen.