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Want to see the greatest picture of figs ever? Don’t they look as cute as penguins headed out to sea? The shot is from Tana Butler’s blog, I Heart Farms. I heart her blog. Butler lives near Santa Cruz, CA and has been blogging for 2 years now about her favorite farms in California and across the country. She posts the most extraordinary photographs of their food and their farmers, and her writing sings such praises it’s impossible not to catch on to her enthusiasm. When I complimented her recently on her refreshing non-snarkiness – particularly for a blog – she laughed. “I can be plenty snarky, but I try to put on a good game face.” She does more than that. Through her blog she’s been able to serve as a matchmaker, as she puts it, between farmers, chefs and writers like Suvir Saran and Russ Parsons. She’s done the website for Saran’s new farm; during Parson’s recent tour to promote the must-read How to Pick A Peach, Butler had the delight of introducing the food writer to a vegetable he’d never met: the tender-stemmed broccoli. “It’s kind of like boneless broccoli,” she says. “Just like the regular kind but you can eat the whole thing, stems and all.” They tried it while visiting Lindencroft Farms, a “miracle” of a place, she says, where farmer Linda Butler turned a 1-acre sand quarry into "the most productive, blossoming place you’ve ever seen.” Just check out their sunflowers.