Jonathan Benno shaved truffles for 20 in 150 seconds. Shane McBride brought over 100 pounds of shellfish for his guests. From All the hard-working people behind the 3rd annual Chefs for Kids Cancer gala, brought their A game.

By Kate Krader
Updated May 24, 2017
© Daniel Krieger

Outside, it was cold and stormy. Inside a nondescript building near Manhattan's West Side Highway, however, a monumental party was raging. The outstanding charity Cookies for Kids Cancer, which has done an astonishing job raising money to fight pediatric cancer, was hosting its Third Annual Chefs for Kids Cancer gala. In a scene straight out of a Henry VIII banquet, over two dozen of the cities best chefs—from Shuko's Nick Kim to Bobby Flay— made dinner for several hundred guests. To get a sense of the greatness of the party, check out these stats.

Number of all-star chefs & pastry chefs: 45!

Number of top mixologists mixing drinks for the party: 6

Total guests: 440

Total tables: 40

Number of OG chefs in the house shouted out by Host Mario Batali: 2 (specifically, Bobby Flay and Alfred Portale).

Number of dishes with black truffles: 5

Amount of time it takes chef Jonathan Benno to shave black truffles for 20: Only 150 seconds.

What it takes Shane McBride, of Balthazar and Cherche Midi, to make high-rising Seafood Platters for 20: 40 lbs. Lobster + 30 lbs. Shrimp + 35 lbs. king crab + 80 oysters + 100 mussels + 50 clams + one 120 qt. cooler of ice + 5 lbs. seaweed.

Number of times glazed squab dish got honorable mention: Once, in a speech by Paul Rudd, who raved about chef James Kent's cooking.

Number of cookies made for take hom jars by pastry chefs: 5,600

Number of milk-filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots from Dominique Ansel: 200

Number of jars of Eleven Madison Park's famed granola given out: 180

Amount a dinner for 12 with Dan Kluger at his upcoming restaurant went for in the auction: $35,000

Total amount raised: $1.1 million and still counting!

Research projects Cookies for Kids Cancer has funded to date: 80

Total in pediatric cancer research funds since CFKC started in 2008: $10 million

The gala might be over, but you can always buy cookies and help CFKC with their fight. Shop here.