Michael Symon with the new Calphalon Sear Nonstick pan

© Chris Quinlan
Michael Symon with the new Calphalon Sear Nonstick panI attended a demo Thursday morning at a Williams-Sonoma led by former F&W Best New Chef and Iron Chef Michael Symon, who cooked with Calphalon’s new line of pans, the Sear Nonstick and Slide Nonstick. Made in Toledo, Ohio, these pans have solved the four main complaints about nonstick: You can actually sear meat, which means you can also make a pan sauce with all those tasty little caramelized bits; they’re oven-safe to 500 degrees; and they really are nonstick—even without butter or oil. They are also dishwasher safe. To show the line’s versatility Symon made steak and eggs (a godsend at the early morning demo after one glass too many of delicious, fruity Casa de la Ermita Rosado the night before at Manhattan's Irving Mill–a blog topic for another day). Using the Sear Nonstick pan, Symon seared the bone-in Delmonico steak on the cooktop and then finished it in the oven. He deglazed the pan with red wine, added some mushrooms and a little stock and finished it with butter for the perfect sauce. He fried an egg in the Slide Nonstick pan and topped it with blue cheese. It released effortlessly, even with the gummy, melted blue cheese. The pans are available at the end of the month at Williams-Sonoma and at other national retailers this summer. They start at $50 and include everything from sauté pans to woks and Dutch ovens.