Gorgeous early fall weather has us thinking about hosting one more grill party before the temperatures dip. Here, chef Michael Gulotta offers a smart tip for making the most of the late summer/early fall garden herb haul.

Gorgeous early fall weather in New York City has us thinking about hosting one more barbecue before the temperatures dip, and chef Michael Gulotta of MoPho in New Orleans is a big fan of simple grilling parties. "Just fire up the grill and cook everything on it," he says. "Grilled fruit and grilled meat is one of the most amazing things in the world." Here, he offers a smart tip for making an ultra-simple herb condiment with the last of the garden's summer herbs:

"My wife and I make herb purées, like garlic and basil and oregano, with our blender. Whatever’s overgrowing in your garden, purée it. We keep those purees in our refrigerator with a layer of oil over the top to preserve them. They’ll stay good forever in a cold refrigerator, nice and bright and green. If you have a party coming up, grill some beautiful peaches and pork shoulder, and drizzle them with a little basil and oregano purée. Suddenly you have something really awesome and people want it. They don’t know where it came from, but it was all stuff you just had hanging around in your refrigerator."