Dan Kluger, named an F&W Best New Chef 2012 at ABC Kitchen in Manhattan, is opening his own restaurant in Greenwich Village in early fall. On the menu will be the simple, seasonal dishes for which he's known, including a paean to tomatoes and the quintessential grilled steak.

By Food & Wine
Updated May 24, 2017
Grill Steak on its Side
Credit: © John Kernick

Sift almonds

Sift Almonds
Credit: © John Kernick

Before frying, pass the nuts through a mesh strainer to get rid of the "dust," which tends to burn.

Intensify tomatoes

Season Tomatoes
Credit: © John Kernick

Season your heirlooms, then let them sit; this draws out the liquid and amps up flavor.

Maximize herb flavor.

Maximize Herb Flavor
Credit: © John Kernick

Use a sharp knife to chop herbs for this butter or you'll lose aromatic oils.

Grill steak on its side.

Grill Steak on its Side
Credit: © John Kernick

This method helps render a lot of the fat in a thick-cut rib eye.

Go for the char.

Bone-In Rib Eye Steaks with Grilled Onion Jam
Credit: © John Kernick

Smear herbed butter on cooked steaks, then flash grill over high heat.