Watch: Curtis Stone Chooses the Best Valentine's Day Chocolate

After taste-testing five brands, one box rose above the rest.

Valentine's Day is practically synonymous with chocolate, and in early February, you can't walk through a sweet shop or even a drug store without seeing heart-shaped boxes. With so many options, it's difficult to know which box is the best, especially when they're on the pricier side. Luckily, Curtis Stone is here to make that decision a little easier for you.

We brought the chef in to try high-end boxes of chocolate from five different brands: Kee's Chocolates, The Chocolate Room, Neuhaus, Jacques Torres Chocolate, and Stick With Me. In the end, he says that you couldn't go wrong with any of these chocolates, but there was one brand that rose above the rest. Read on to find out his thoughts on each box, as well as where you can buy them.

WINNER: Jacques Torres Chocolate

The fourth box Stone tests ends up being his favorite, because the flavors were "stunning." From the start, he notes that the box is gorgeous, and tries two different chocolates—one with passionfruit and Alizé liquor, and another dark chocolate with a coffee-flavored ganache. "Jacques Torres, you've made me very happy," he says.

Find the chocolates here.

Kee’s Chocolates

Stone loves the packaging on the Kee's box, saying it looks like a gift from a friend. He samples a few varieties, including a creamy chocolate with a lemon and basil filling (a "strong start," he notes), along with a mild Champagne truffle and one that tastes like curry and black pepper. As he tastes the chocolate, he explains how important the "snap" is—the initial crunch from biting into the exterior that produces a clean, beautiful melting point.

Find the chocolates here.

The Chocolate Room

The bright, bold colors on these chocolates catch Stone's eye. He tries a red one that goes over really well—think slow jam music, well—and says it's beautifully tempered with a luscious ganache inside. He also enjoys one with a subtle banana flavor, punctuated by hints of rum and caramel.

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In this box, Stone says the presentation is beautiful and each chocolate feels very individual. He tries one chocolate that has a praline-like taste, and although he would have liked more of a caramel-to-chocolate ratio, overall, he felt it was very good.

Find the chocolates here.

Stick With Me

Out of all the chocolate boxes, Stick With Me's had the best packaging, according to Stone—primarily, because the boxes look like books and you can thus hide your chocolate from others. The chocolates inside were all brightly colored, and he liked all of them except for the white chocolate truffle he tried, because he's not a fan of white chocolate in general. One flavor also really surprised him, a mix of caramel, ganache, and a crunchy texture. "It's not often you put a chocolate in your mouth and think 'I've never tasted that before,'" he says.

Find the chocolates here.

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