Communal Table Podcast: Vallery Lomas

Vallery Lomas talks about career pivots, competition TV, and the responsibility of role models.

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Episode 13: Vallery Lomas

In 2018, Vallery Lomas was all set for stardom. The avid blogger had taken time off from her job as a lawyer to train and compete on The Great American Baking Show—and she won. But the network only aired one episode of her season, and she was left without that public victory to propel her baking career or her book proposal forward. Still, she took the leap, left her law firm to bake full-time, and the bitter has since taken a turn to the sweet. (Yup—she sold the book.) The proud Louisiana native shared the story of her love affair with pastry, finding the courage to follow her dream, and why it matters that she wears her natural hair in front of the camera.

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