Communal Table Podcast: David Chang

Chef and media mogul David Chang talks about insomnia, drive, and Star Wars as a management strategy.

Chefs and restaurant workers take great care of everyone else, but often they need a little help themselves. Each week, Food & Wine senior editor Kat Kinsman talks with hospitality pros about they manage their business, brain, and body for the long haul. Is there a topic you'd like to know more about or a guest you'd love to hear from? Tell us at or tweet to Kat @kittenwithawhip.

Episode 4: David Chang

David Chang isn't sleeping much these days. It was never his strong suit, but with a new baby, an ever-expanding restaurant and market empire, and a media company to oversee, rest is even more elusive. That doesn't mean that he's abandoned all self care, though. If anything, he's more determined than ever to manage his own mental health and talk about it for the good of the industry, even if it's the last thing on earth he wants to do. The Momofuku Group and Majordomo Media founder, Ugly Delicious host, and 2006 Food & Wine Best New Chef talked with F&W senior editor Kat Kinsman about managing his wellbeing—with a few lessons from Star Wars.Learn more about David:

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