Communal Table Podcast: Callie Speer

Callie Speer talks about financing a restaurant, sobriety, and why Tuesday sucks sometimes.

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Episode 36: Callie Speer

Life comes at you quickly, as Callie Speer well knows. She'd long dreamed of opening her own restaurant, but was in an uphill struggle to get her life in order. Then came the shock and opportunity of a lifetime. Within a couple of weeks of leaving rehab, a space became available in downtown Austin, and she was able to put together a business plan and find the funds to open Holy Roller—an always-bouncing, all-day spot that just happens to be primarily run by women. Speer shared an intimate look at her journey to sobriety, how she and her staff support one another's wellbeing, and why it's OK if some days are better than others. Note: This episode was recorded in a hotel room during the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

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If you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, there is help.

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