Communal Table Podcast: Bryan and Michael Voltaggio

Chefs Bryan and Michael Voltaggio talk about working with family, Top Chef, and their days as young, broke cooks.

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Episode 9: Bryan and Michael Voltaggio

The public may best know Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio (BNC 2013) from their fiery Top Chef face-offs, but by the time the brothers appeared onscreen, they'd collectively logged a couple of decades working in kitchens. They learned plenty from their lean years—how to survive in New York City on $300 a week, find their voice while cooking for other people, and be part of a team—and now they're the ones calling the shots. As their latest co-venture, Estuary in Washington D.C., opens its doors, the brothers reflect on their mentors, their working relationship, and the measures they take to stay balanced and healthy.

Try Bryan and Michael's new restaurant: Estuary

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