Get caught up on conversations with some of the greatest minds in food.

By Food & Wine
April 04, 2019
Food & Wine

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to Food & Wine Pro’s Communal Table podcast. Chefs and restaurant workers take great care of everyone else, but often they need a little help themselves. Each week, Food & Wine’s senior editor Kat Kinsman talks with hospitality pros about how they manage their business, brain, and body for the long haul.

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Episode 1: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat author and host Samin Nosrat talks about money, mental health, and living in the public eye.

Episode 2: Beatrice Inn chef-owner Angie Mar talks about money, mentorship, and hustle.

Episode 3. Chef and author Seamus Mullen talks about feeding himself the right foods to feel better—mind, body, and spirit.

Episode 4. Chef and media mogul David Chang talks about insomnia, drive, and Star Wars as a management strategy.

Episode 5. George Mendes talks about yelling in the kitchen, exercise, and Portuguese egg tarts.

Episode 6. Kwame Onwuachi talks about public pressure, representation, and finding peace.

Episode 7. Pete Wells talks about criticism, Sassy magazine, and not taking things personally.

Episode 8. Julia Sullivan talks about kitchen intensity, physical stress, and seeking balance.

Episode 9. Bryan and Michael Voltaggio talk about working with family, Top Chef, and their days as young, broke cooks.

Episode 10. Yasmin Khan talks about Palestinian food, bearing witness, and self care while reporting.

Episode 11: Sam Hellman-Mass talks about extreme opening stress, graceful leadership, and his masa obsession.

Episode 12: Jason Vincent talks about anxiety and depression, the pressures of the spotlight, and making time for family.

Episode 13: Vallery Lomas talks about career pivots, competition TV, and the responsibility of role models.

Episode 14: Laurie Woolever talks about life after Anthony Bourdain, embracing sobriety, and the value of naps.

Episode 15: Billy Durney talks about PTSD, going into the BBQ biz, and feeding a community in crisis.

Episode 16: Marcus Samuelsson talks about '90s fine dining, rule breakers, and the blessings of Blackness.

Episode 17: Chefs, restaurateurs, and writers talk about the impact of Anthony Bourdain on #BourdainDay.

Episode 18: Isaac Toups talks about bullying. mentoring, Emeril, and his end game.

Episode 19: Jamila Robinson talks about feeling welcome in restaurants, media inclusion, and empathetic workplaces.

Episode 20: JJ Johnson talks about entrepreneurship, hustle, and becoming a brand.

Episode 21: Restaurant lawyer Jasmine Moy talks about opening a restaurant, partner pitfalls, and expensive mistakes.

Episode 22: Marco Canora talks about taking risks and sticking around for the long haul.

Episode 23: Pitmaster Carey Bringle talks pursuing passion, using humor, and kicking ass with one leg.

Episode 24: Priya Krishna talks about cookbook writing, working with mom, and defying categorization.

Episode 25: Kwame Onwuachi and Karen Akunowicz talk about the journey to the top.

Episode 26: Dave Beran talks about athleticism, discipline, and his tenure as Toast Boy.

Episode 27: Mashama Bailey and Johno Morisano talk about Edna Lewis, developing trust, and reckoning with history.

Episode 28: Ming Tsai talks about food allergies, CBD, and why having fun matters.

Episode 29: Nina Compton talks about finding community, standing up for what's right, and winding down.

Episode 30: Antoni Porowski talks about ADHD, surviving the spotlight, and proper mac 'n' cheese.

Episode 31: Chintan Pandya talks about nostalgia, art, and super-cool tech toys.

Episode 32: Melissa Rodriguez talks about taking charge, speaking up, and working out.

Episode 33: Steven Satterfield talks about cancer recovery, hiring smartly, and the power of peaches.

Episode 34: Akhtar Nawab talks about unhealthy stress, smart partnerships, and present parenting.

Episode 35: Philip Speer talks about recovery, notoriety, and accountability.

Episode 36: Callie Speer talks about financing a restaurant, sobriety, and why Tuesday sucks sometimes.

Episode 37: Nancy Silverton talks about restaurant history and the indomitable will of sourdough.

Episode 38: Avett Brothers cellist Joe Kwon talks about food on tour and the pleasure of silence.

Episode 39: Sean Brock talks about his grandma's cellar, leather britches, and his new book, South.

Episode 40: Kim Severson talks about rabbits, bad men, and stories that stick in your soul.

Episode 41: Big Gay Ice Cream's Doug Quint talks about subway rats, mental health, and business.

Episode 42: Josh Niland talks about fish butchery, life after cancer, and his brilliant wife.

Episode 43: Paul Kahan talks about healthy boundaries, humble leadership, and corgis.

Episode 44: Jessica Craig talks about nurturing talent, Jamaican excellence, and kitchen dance parties.

Episode 45: Paul Finn talks about his brilliant system to help hospitality pros deal with stress.

Episode 46: Trish Nelson talks about the Spotted Pig settlement and what comes next.

Episode 47: Cassidee Dabney talks about Appalachia, grief, and the power of positive screaming.