Chefs Reveal the 14 Unexpected Items That Taste Better Refrigerated

Chefs Refrigerate Pizza
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You probably don't have potato chips or chocolate chip cookies in your fridge at home, but some chefs do. Discover all the unconventional items that these chefs enjoy cold.

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Potato chips

Chefs Refrigerate Potato Chips
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"Because we live in a particularly warm and humid climate, our refrigerators are one of the few places that remain consistently cool and dry, making them a perfect spot to store your potato chips, a food that's very prone to getting stale. When refrigerated, potato chips stay crisp and don't get soggy since they have little exposure to everyday moisture. To take it to the next level, you could even freeze potato chips, since most of the moisture is taken out of the potatoes during the dehydration process so there's little to no water left to freeze them over in those low temperatures." ⁠— Vijayudu Veena, executive chef of Jaya at The Setai, Miami Beach

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Peanut butter

Chefs Refrigerate Peanut Butter
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"I keep Jif crunchy peanut butter in the door of my fridge at all times. A giant spoon of peanut butter is my midnight snack and guilty pleasure. It keeps it cold enough to be like a healthier version of ice cream." ⁠— Jeffrey Compton, executive chef of The Battery

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Chocolate chip cookies

Chefs Refrigerate Chocolate Chip Cookies
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"The cookies always seem to taste better, and the chocolate chunks melt slower in your mouth. I put them up near the top, so the fan keeps them cooler." ⁠— Glenn Rolnick, director of culinary operations of Alicart Restaurant Group (Carmine's and Virgil's)

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Haribo gummy bears

Chefs Refrigerate Gummy Bears
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"They tend to be a little harder and less chewy that way. In my home, we put ours in the drawer as we buy them by the five-pound bag, since my wife is obsessed." ⁠— Michael Schulson, founder and CEO of Schulson Collective

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Canned sardines and anchovies

Chefs Refrigerate Sardines and Anchovies
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"I love having a can of marinated sardines or anchovies in the fridge at all times. At home, I always hide it in my cold-cut drawer behind the cheese. It's a nice surprise when I forget about them in there. Since they're canned, they don't need to be refrigerated but I like them cold." ⁠— James Kelly, former executive chef of Lupa Osteria Romana

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Girl Scout cookies

Chefs Refrigerate Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints
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"Specifically, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas. Chilling Thin Mints make them extra crunchy and enhances the mint flavor. Same with the Tagalongs … the peanut butter has a firm but tasty texture and the cookies become crispier. A cold Samoa tastes more coconut-y and the caramel has a firmer and more pleasing mouthfeel. Always put them in the bottom drawer, which is the coldest." ⁠— Judy Joo, chef, restaurateur, and television personality

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Chefs Refrigerate Lasagna
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"Next time you have lasagna leftovers, try it cold straight out of the fridge. I would store it well wrapped on a lower shelf away from the fan that lets the cold air into the fridge. The reason it tastes great cold is because of the texture change as well as the fact that by sitting overnight it has allowed everything to meld together, creating a uniform taste throughout." ⁠— Jason Bergeron, executive chef of Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen

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White rice

Chefs Refrigerate White Rice
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"White rice tastes better coming out of the fridge and should always be stored in the back-right corner." ⁠— chef Harold Villarosa, founder of Insurgo Project

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Young red wines

Chefs Refrigerate Young Red Wines
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"I love drinking chilled red wines, especially here in New Orleans where it stays pretty warm. This is perfect for young fruity red wines; think Beaujolais, Gamay, and Nero d'Avola. This trick can take inexpensive but nice quality red wines to another whole (refreshing) dimension. Stay away from cabs and most pinots; anything with a lot of tannins and/or that sees some oak is best for another occasion. Surprisingly, the wines that are typically going to work best are the cheaper ones, because oak is expensive. In the summer, when I am in a red wine mood, I reach for a chilled Sicilian red and an olive-y pasta salad right out of the fridge (or anything off the grill). It's a porch party!" ⁠— Evan Ingram, co-executive chef of Effervescence

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Mac and cheese

Chefs Refrigerate Macaroni and Cheese
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"Cold mac and cheese is almost dessert-like – it puts a smile across my face as the fork cuts through the congealed pasta and cheesy sauce. This is my go-to comfort food memory: standing over the kitchen sink, silently, in the middle of the night, inhaling this creamy treat, feeling not even a twinge of guilt." ⁠— Rusty Bowers, owner of Pine Street Market and Chop Shop

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Dry grains

Chefs Refrigerate Grains and Flours
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"I don't know about tasting better, but I always keep my flours and grains in the fridge, especially seldom used ones so I don't find any unpleasant, growing critters or weevils in them." ⁠— Helene Henderson, chef-owner of Malibu Farm

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Chefs Refrigerate Snickers Candy Bars
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"I was hoping to not have to come clean with this, but, if I don't have a sleeve of Thin Mints available, then I always keep a bag of mini Snickers in the freezer. You don't have to commit to a full-size candy bar if it's just a tiny little nubbin, right? That's what I tell myself, anyway." ⁠— David Bancroft, executive chef of Acre and Bow & Arrow

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Chefs Refrigerate Mangoes
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"Growing up in Puerto Rico, I have always leaned toward getting things cold. I like to put ice in orange juice and chocolate milk. My entire family loved chilling mangoes in the fridge that my grandmother grew in her backyard. The texture and flavor definitely change, but in a positive way. Mangoes, similar to okra, tend to have mucilage or 'slime' when they fall from the tree. Placing them in the fridge prevents some of that mucilage from forming, and, if they are ripe enough, the result is similar to mango sorbet as you gnaw on the seed." ⁠— Shamil Velazquez, executive chef of Delaney Oyster House

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Chefs Refrigerate Pizza
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"Hands down, the item for me that is magically somehow better out of the fridge than when it's fresh and hot is pizza. There is something so satisfying about the chew of the cold cheese and the bite of chilled tomato sauce. Some medical professionals agree that it can in fact have healing qualities in regard to the effects of hangovers or even when having a bad day. OK, that might just be my own opinion … but I enjoy it so much that I once served a chilled salad preparation at the restaurant inspired by cold pizza." ⁠— Joey Ward, chef-owner of Southern Belle Georgia Boy

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