Not including booze or tip.
Chefs Table Restaurants
Credit: © Rene Funk/Netflix

Netflix’s Chef’s Table just completed its third official season (and fourth if you include the France-focused four episode run between seasons two and three) and continues to do what it does best: inspire hunger and envy in all of its viewers. One noticeable difference in the show's third season though is the lower price point of many of the restaurants that are given the Alex Gelb treatment.

chef's table
Credit: © Arielle Cifuentes

With the additions of Ivan Orkin’s Ivan Ramen and Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza, not to mention the work of Korean monk Jeong Kwan, who cooks exclusively at her monastery and does not charge visitors, Chef’s Table continues to profile increasingly affordable restaurants, without sacrificing the quality of the episodes in the process.

Amongst the 22 restaurants that Chef’s Table has profiled so far though, the price for a meal greatly varies. Ranging from a free meal in South Korea to a single meal costing over $400 in France, the restaurants vary in price almost as much as they do in variety of cuisine. As such, we decided to take a look into how much a meal costs at each of the restaurants.

Note: these prices do not include wine pairings or alcohol of any kind and each represents the most commonly ordered tasting menu when available. For restaurants that don’t serve tasting menus, meal prices were determined by combining the average prices of each course offered.