The NYC chef reveals where to eat sushi in Tokyo. 

By Michael Ferraro
Updated May 24, 2017
© Michael Ferraro

Michael Ferraro is the chef at NYC's Delicatessen and Macbar. His food is influenced by his global travels – France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Columbia, Iceland, and now Japan.

I started 2016 by fulfilling a bucket-list culinary trip: Japan with two of my closest chef friends: Tiffany Derry from Dallas, Texas, and Amornat Fukuda, originally from Thailand, but a long time New York City restaurateur. The culture and traditions are like no other I’ve ever experienced in the world. I thought this trip would have the biggest influence on my culinary repertoire but it also really impacted my daily life. I'm so inspired by their structured way of life.

Ginza Sushi-Ko

© Michael Ferraro

At the Michelin starred Ginza Sushi-Ko, the extreme quality and precision of sushi in Japan was immediately obvious. We were revived and completely energized by our experience, even after a sleepless 14-hour flight. Uni is one of my most favorite ingredients used in Japanese cuisine. I thought I had had some of the best uni in the world here in the U.S.– that was until that first bite at Ginza Sushi-Ko. 6-3-8 Ginza, Chuo

Kyubey Sushi

© Michael Ferraro

We were in a private area of Kyubey Sushi. The chef was very personable and funny. He knew we were from the United States so he used the best ingredients that they had. It was a fine dining experience without being at all stuffy. One of the best things we ate was fresh fried eel. The nerves were still pulsing as he plated it. 7-6, Ginza 8-chome, Chuo

Tsukiji Market

© Michael Ferraro

The world’s largest fish market and top tourist destination in Tokyo, Tsukiji, is one of the most memorable culinary experiences of my life. The market sells over 400 species of pristine quality fish daily. This is something you have to actually see to believe. We have nothing of this scale here in the United States. It’s the largest quantity of the freshest fish you will ever see in your lifetime. 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo

© Michael Ferraro