Amanda Freitag, Anita Lo and Elizabeth Falkner, among others, participate in Taste of Yosemite.

Taste of Yosemite
Credit: Courtesy of Yosemite Hospitality

Thinking of heading to Yosemite National Park early next year? Well, after trekking out to see Yosemite falls, rock-climbing at El Capitan, hiking up the Lambert Dome and basking in the beauty of Cathedral Peak, consider retiring to the Majestic Yosemite Hotel for a Taste of Yosemite, an epic, star-studded dining experience set to take place between January 8 and February 2 next year in the heart of one of our country's most well-known national parks.

The dining series will feature big-deal celebrity chefs from all across the country—including Anita Lo, Elizabeth Falkner, and Amanda Freitag. You might recognize Freitag from the Food Network's Chopped:

Anita Lo might be a familiar face from her hundreds of on-air appearances—here she is with Gavin DeGraw in her West Village restaurant, Annisa:

And Elizabeth Falkner will also be a household name for anyone who loves cooking shows—remember this cheesy polenta showdown from NBC's Food Fighters?

These star chefs—and many more—will convene at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel to host a month long program of cooking demonstrations, tastings, meet-and-greets, and gala dinners served in the hotel's iconic dining room.

The chef lineup, week by week will include the following big names:

January 8 to 11: Victor Scargle (CA), Maria Hines (WA), and Ryan Scott (CA)

January 11 to 13: Jesse Cool (CA), Levi Mezick (CA), and Elizabeth Falkner (NY)

January 15 to 18: Dustin Valette (CA), Kyle Itani (CA), and Adam Mali (CA)

January 18 to 20: Anita Lo (NY), Scott Youkilis (CA), Gayle Pirie (CA), and Jon Clark (CA)

January 22 to 25: Carrie and Rupert Blease (CA), Suzanne Goin (CA), Evan Hanczor (NY)

January 25 to 27: Amanda Freitag (NY), Tanya Holland (CA), Ariane Duarte (NJ)

January 29 to February 1: Peter Armellino (CA), Kim Alter (CA), Josey Baker (CA)

February 1 to 3 Peter Rudolph (CA), Sue Conley (CA), Peggy Smith (CA), Peter Chastain (CA)

For more information, check out A Taste of Yosemite.