While the media remains fascinated by what the presidential candidates are eating — or maybe even more so what their running mates are eating — restaurants and bakeries are trying to predict the outcome of the election based on sales of political-party-themed dishes.

Starting in October, SusieCakes, a Los Angeles bakery that specializes in classic American comfort desserts like whoopee pies and layer cakes, will be selling Red State Red Velvet cupcakes and RNC elephant sugar cookies to Republican sweet tooths, and Blue State Vanilla Cupcakes and DNC donkey sugar cookies to Obama supporters. SusieCakes will be conducting informal polls at its three locations to determine which candidate will win based on sugar sales. The results will be revealed on Election Day.

Abroad, the French are obsessing over two things: burgers and the U.S. presidential race. At Paris’s Hotel Concorde La Fayette, chef Laurent Belijar created special candidate-themed burgers for his menu at La Fayette Bar.

The O-Burger, a nod to senator Barack Obama and his birth city of Honolulu, is made from curried beef and topped with pineapple carpaccio and coriander-flavored shrimp. The Elephant Burger is made of ground lamb and pays homage to senator John McCain’s adopted state of Arizona with Southwestern ingredients like guacamole and a side of nachos and salsa. Guests vote for their preferred burger, and chef Belijar will announce the best-seller on Election Day.

SusieCakes election sweets

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SusieCakes Election Sweets

presidential burgers

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Presidential Burgers