The satirical trailer is getting a second life online after debuting in the most recent episode of Parts Unknown.

Credit: Andrew H. Walker

The friendship between chef-turned-TV personality Anthony Bourdain and chef-turned-somewhat lesser TV personality Eric Ripert is well-documented. Ripert, best known for his acclaimed NYC eatery Le Bernardin, has made regular appearances on both Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown shows, with Ripert's guest spots typically including some gentle ribbing, the more mild-mannered, French-born Ripert playing a kind of straight man to Bourdain's New York City-born wild child personality.

Now, if a new video is to be believed – and it's definitely not to be believed – these two television buddies are looking to make a jump to the big screen. Bourdain recently posted a fake movie trailer to his Instagram account for a "not coming soon" flick with the title 32 Yolks to Slaughter. In the violence-riddled, blood-soaked spoof trailer that pays homage to '70s action flicks, Ripert plays a chef who "just wanted to cook, but they wouldn't let him." Once again, this depiction of Ripert mines comedy from his typically understated persona: If you never thought you'd see Ripert clutching a handgun or beating a man to death with a frying pan, this "ass-kicking true story" is your chance to discover the chef's badass side.

Without much context, some might wonder what the point of this odd trailer is, despite being both funny and well-produced. Well, the clip was featured in this past Sunday's episode of Parts Unknown, where the two chefs traveled around the French Alps. And the title is a play on the name of Ripert's memoir, released last year, called 32 Yolks: From My Mother's Table to Working the Line.

Meanwhile, Hollywood studios take note: The clip is finding a bit of a life of its own on social media, racking up over 100,000 views on Instagram. So maybe there actually is something here. Maybe a Bourdain-produced, Eric Ripert action flick could be just what the film industry needs? And, added bonus, it would give Bourdain one more legitimate reason to continue to delay his NYC market!