I log 250 days a year on the road. I need pants that are versatile, easy to clean and dry in my hotel room if necessary.
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In the frequently-asked question category, the question I get asked almost as much as "What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?" is “What’s the best pair of pants to travel in, work in, trek in and use on the road for the most activities possible?” The answer is my Dude Disc Dacs. Best. Pants. Ever. I can be on the road for three weeks with just two pairs of pants, and that’s an amazing advantage when you carry as much gear as I do.

Let’s get the first piece of mythology out of the way first and foremost, Dude Clothing has a men’s and women’s line and is not just for guys. Let’s get the first piece of awesome out of the way next, these folks are making the best sporting, travel and city active wear I have ever worn. Get in on it first, these are going to be big.

I’m asked every day what I wear on the road and what I find most durable for traveling, active wear and pure comfort, whether I’m on safari or out in the woods foraging. Last year I found Dude’s Disc Dacs through my obsession with disc golf. This Aussie company is now selling their small but growing product line in the US online at dudeclothing.com and to say I’m a fan is putting it mildly.

I log 250 days a year on the road. I need pants that are versatile, easy to clean and dry in my hotel room if necessary. I need durability, style, comfort and tech specs that matter for a traveler, like a hidden zipper pocket or a press stud for attaching anything you need attached. From event ticket lanyards to keys to my pocket knife, I didn’t know how much I needed a press stud until I got my Dude Dacs. But getting back to my story, I saw friends golfing in these and got some pants and shorts followed quickly by five more pairs. Now I can’t live without them.

Disc Dacs have an amazing technical fabric that is custom woven ensuring comfort, light weight and toughness. They don’t stain. Trust me, I tried. I even butchered 12 ducks in them last week and all the dirt and spatter washed right out. I also can wear them everywhere. They are straight leg, zip fly and have a phone pocket and back pockets. They are stretchy and don’t lose their shape, they don’t wrinkle or crease, and they repel water. They have reflective tape on the inside hem of the pant and sturdy belt loops. The Pro Shorts are made of the same material and over the last year I have beaten the crap out of my first pair and they still look new.

What can I say, they are truly the ultimate travel and active-wear pant and I have tried them all. You need a few pairs. Who doesn’t?

Dude Disc Dacs, available at Amazon.com