Food & Wine's Best New Chefs 2015

Zoi Antonitsas
Photo: © John Kernick; © Nicole Franzen

Each year, Food & Wine editors tour the country to uncover America's most brilliant up-and-coming chefs. Here are our Best New Chefs from 2015 as well as their must-visit restaurants, expert travel tips and go-to recipes.

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Carlos Salgado, Taco María (Costa Mesa, CA)

Carlos Salgado
© John Kernick; © Rick Poon

Growing up on Mexican food, Carlos Salgado is using his expertise to create exceptional dishes at Taco María while still honoring his family's cooking.

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Bryce Shuman, Betony (New York City)

Bryce Shuman
© John Kernick

F&W's 2015 Best New Chef Bryce Shuman employs flavors, techniques and ingredients from all over the world, with a special interest in ancient grains.

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Grae Nonas and Michael Fojtasek, Olamaie (Austin)

Grae Nonas and Michael Fojtasek
© John Kernick

Michael Fojtasek and Grae Nonas are an unlikely duo. But when the two chefs began working together at Los Angeles fish restaurant Son of a Gun, they found a common bond in an unlikely place: vintage cookbooks.

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Ori Menashe, Bestia (Los Angeles)

Ori Menashe
© John Kernick

Ori Menashe is keeping the masses fed with his incredible SoCal-influenced antipasti, pizzas and pasta at this downtown L.A. restaurant Bestia.

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Jim Christiansen, Heyday (Minneapolis)

Jim Christiansen
© Eliesa Johnson; © John Kernick

Jim Christiansen is that rare cook who has both McDonald's and Noma on his résumé. He's also interned at Noma in Copenhagen and made elegant French food at La Belle Vie in Minneapolis.

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Jonathan Brooks, Milktooth (Indianapolis)

Jonathan Brooks
© John Kernick; © Nicole Franzen

Fun fact: Jonathan Brooks is the first chef to ever win F&W's Best New Chef award without serving dinner. Breakfast and brunch are the mission with his restaurant Milktooth, which is only open until 3 p.m.

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Katie Button, Cúrate (Asheville, NC)

Katie Button
© John Kernick

F&W's 2015 Best New Chef Katie Button started her culinary career as the first American server at El Bulli and later scored the nearly impossible-to-get position in the restaurant's pastry kitchen. With her restaurant Cúrate, she's now proud to bring the Adrià spirit to the North Carolina hills.

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Jake Bickelhaupt, 42 grams (Chicago)

Jake Bickelhaup
© John Kernick; © Nicolas Gourguechon

2015 F&W Best New Chef Jake Bickelhaupt is creating gorgeous, complicated and delicious dishes with mulitple interwoven components, and all within the 200-square-foot space of his restaurant 42 Grams.

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Tim Maslow, Strip-T's (Watertown, MA)

Tim Maslow
© John Kernick; © Michael Piazza

Tim Maslow's restaurant Strip T's was once his father's dying diner. Today, it is a popular restaurant serving a mash-up of Italian, American, and Asian cuisine.

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Zoi Antonitsas, Westward (Seattle)

Zoi Antonitsas
© John Kernick; © Nicole Franzen

F&W's 2015 Best New Chef Zoi Antonitsas dropped out of art school before she discovered another career: cooking. Today, she prepares delicious Greek-influenced dishes, but she is still an artist at heart.

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