A while back, I wrote about blogs by adventurous, up-and-coming chefs like Sean Brock at McCrady's in Charleston, South Carolina. What I've been surprised to learn is that several of our former, well-established Best New Chefs have also been embracing the medium:

Jody Adams
(an F&W Best New Chef 1993) of Rialto Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has a section on her blog called "The Pantry of Good Things." The premise: recipes for her favorite homemade pantry items, from preserved lemons to Dukkah (an Egyptian nut and spice blend) and suggestions for how to use them.

Gordon Naccarato (an F&W Best New Chef 1988) of Pacific Grill in Tacoma, Washington has a thing for ramen and it shows; he's devoted a few of his most recent long winded posts on the topic, from how to quickly prepare it at home (unexpected ingredient: peanut butter), to where to find a stellar bowl in Honolulu.

Michael Symon (an F&W Best New Chef 1998) of Lola and Lolita in Cleveland, Ohio, attempts to make his new(ish) blog as user-friendly as possible by asking readers for suggestions on what to post. Still, his best ones are on his frenzied eating trips (a recent discovery is the tiny chalkboard menu spot, Bar Jules—one of seven restaurants he packed in on a two-day San Francisco tour).