The Pizza Love Emily team mashes up burgers and Detroit style pizza at their NYC slice shop.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Travis Wong

It all started with a customer’s order.

“Someone just asked for one at Burger Bar,” said Matt Hyland, half of the pizza power couple behind Brooklyn’s Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared and this nook of a bar below it.

After Hyland turned the Emmy Burger into a pizza for a month-long stint at Emmy Squared, customers kept asking for it, and Hyland couldn’t resist revisiting the ultimate junk food mash-up with his namesake burger. Now he's transformed Le Big Matt burger—which started as a weekend special at the bar—into a thick, focaccia-like Detroit-style pizza. Starting today, it's available off the menu at Burger Bar for $23.

The Le Big Matt Pizza is essentially a plain Detroit pizza layered with nuggets of Fleisher’s beef, mozzarella and American cheese, secret Sammy sauce, bitter mizuna and thick coins of bread and butter pickles. It’s a meaty, sweet-savory, textural mess of deliciousness, and worth asking the bartender down at Burger Bar for a whole pan. (Don’t bother looking for it on the menu; it’s not there.)

“It’s about having fun and getting weird and realizing this is actually delicious,” Hyland says. “Strange, but delicious.”

Indeed, it is.