Last night I was part of beer history, attending restaurant Daniel’s first-ever beer-pairing dinner. Beer geeks, brewers, importers and brew novices gathered for a four-course meal inspired by Boulud’s forthcoming casual venture, DBGB (Daniel Boulud Good Beer) Kitchen & Bar. Colin Alevras, the beer and wine sommelier for DBGB Kitchen & Bar and one of last night’s hosts, shared some details on the brasserie-style restaurant opening on the Bowery near the former CBGB's.

In addition to a carefully culled bottle list, there will be 24 brews on tap. Each style of beer—lagers, stouts, wheats—will have three dedicated taps. One will pour the European platonic ideal of that style and act as a benchmark. A second will pour the closest domestic or locally sourced version of that style. The third will showcase the style as crafted by innovative, small-production or hard-to-come-by brewers from both the U.S. and abroad. There will also be taps dedicated to barley wine and boozy lambics.

Chef Boulud, himself a bit of a beer geek, is planning a beer-friendly menu of charcuterie, sauerkrauts—and I heard rumors of a hot dog. And Alevars says after the opening, the Boulud team plans to bulk up the beer lists at their other restaurants. Some highlights from last night’s dinner:

*Warm veal-tongue salad braised in and paired with Brooklyn Brewery’s new Brooklyn Local 1, a Belgian-inspired, bottle-fermented beer with Champagnelike effervescence.

*Baked Scottish salmon with daikon radish "sauerkraut" and smoked bacon paired with Mahr’s Ungerspundet, a soft, unpasteurized lager brewed in Bamberg, Germany.

*Dark chocolate bombe with almond cream and Brooklyn Brown beer sorbet paired with Cantillon Kriek Lambic, an old-school-style cherry beer with a Sour Patch Kid tartness.