If you pick up the new July issue of Food & Wine, you will find some pretty fantastic recipes from our Best New Chefs. One that's unmissable is Kelly English’s riff on Natchitoches meat pies. They’re so good they even inspired me to find out how to correctly pronounce Natchitoches (it’s NA-ki-toosh), the town in north-central Louisiana that claims to have invented the dish. Natchitoches takes its meat pies seriously—so seriously that the city has a Meat Pie Festival every fall (check out for details). Any local would agree that the best pies in town are served at Lasyone’s, a decades-old family-run restaurant that can turn out 1,000 handmade pies a day. Though I might not make it to this year’s festival, I can certainly eat like a true Louisianan with English’s recipe—and a glass of ice-cold sweet tea.