ICYMI: This week in Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef joined WWE's Titus O'Neil's brand.
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Anthony Bourdain
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Is there anything celebrity chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain can't do? This week, the CNN Parts Unknown host made waves at a WWE SummerSlam press conference by announcing that he's "signing" with pro-wrestling superstar Titus O'Neil's entertainment brand, Titus Worldwide. This means we'll soon have the chance to see one of our favorite food television personalities throw down in the big ring, right?

OK, not really.

While Bourdain is trained in jiu jitsu—he started training in the Brazilian martial art at New York's Renzo Gracie Academy four years ago and even won his first competition last April—chances are he won't be bringing his MMA skills to the wrestling ring at Madison Square Garden any time soon.

That said, when quizzed on what sort of fighting skills he does brings to the table, Bourdain said: "I don't even know how you can ask me that question. Proper nutrition is a very important component of wrestling. I like to associate myself with international brands. And my rear naked choke is unparalleled."

(In case you were wondering, the rear naked choke is "the king of chokes" and "a lot more versatile than you might think," according to Vice's Fightland—you can see it in action right here.)

And when a "reporter" in attendance asked whether the chef would be preparing meals for the team, Bourdain hit back: "Look at him, you're clearly under-nourished," before he breaks character for a moment, laughing. "Too many vegetables!"

OK, so Anthony Bourdain didn't really sign with a WWE pro-wrestling outfit, but don't write off the possibility—that man has surprised us in the past with his multidisciplinary approach to extracurricular activities and we're pretty sure he's capable of anything.