The Food & Wine cold has been crisscrossing the office, initially hitting my coworker Nick Fauchald, then Kristin Donnelly, and for the past week or so, me. While I'm all for Nick and Kristin's eating cures (gingery broth, and tea and cookies, respectively), my approach over the past few colds has been to find the spiciest, most explosively flavorful food I can find (besides compensating for the weakened ability to taste when olfactory abilities are compromised, there's always the hope of beating a cold into submission). My go-to restaurant: Zak Pelaccio's Fatty Crab in New York's West Village. While I sniffled and ate my way through the turmeric-tempura Malay Fish Fry, I thought the only thing that would have been better was if I could have my bowl in bed. Maybe next time, I'll finagle a friend into making me Pelaccio's recipes.