By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Zombies are coming. You know it. We know it. But just because we'll all be joining the ranks of the undead doesn't mean we'll be giving up our foodie sensibilities. We're getting a head start on the impending zombie apocalypse by asking chefs how they hope to be consumed when the inevitable happens.

Here are chef Anita Lo's cannibalistic creations:

Knee Tartare with Marrow: If I were to be eaten by zombies, I would recommend they start with a tartare. I'm thinking my knees would make a good one, something along the lines of Andrew Carmellini's steak tartare at Lafayette. Those joints are pretty much pre-ground anyway with easy access to the bone marrow.
Grilled Heart with Anchovies: Next up, my heart. That would be good grilled. At least all of my exes seemed to think this was the best way to treat it. While its on the mend now, you'd want to pair it with some strong salty ingredients (such as anchovies) and some bracing acidity to counter any residual bitterness.
Slow Roasted Belly: For a main course, a long, slow roast or braise of the belly might be nice. Hopefully those methods would help tenderize the meat and the ample fat would help to keep it moist (generally, its better to go for younger, less stressed meat).
Whipped Brain with Fall Fruit: For dessert you could try using the brain. Here's where age might be advantageous--that muscle mass is semi coddled already so it would be easy to make a smooth, creamy dessert by whipping it up with some sugar and fall fruit.