Andrew Zimmern’s creamy scrambled eggs get the most delicious topping of salty, complex shaved bottarga (dried mullet roe).
Soft-Scrambled Egg Toasts with Bottarga

This week, I want to rat myself out. This is the dish I make most often at midnight on the evenings I fly home—when I can’t sleep because I am still on a time zone several thousand miles away and I need to eat something before settling in for a few hours of emails. We always have bread, herbs, eggs and bottarga in our house. I put bottarga on everything I can. For me, the intense salinity and oceanic funk of aged, dried mullet roe make it the perfect seasoning agent for most foods. Anything that likes salt loves bottarga. I like to grate it over pasta and finish with bread crumbs, but three times a week for breakfast and every two weeks as a midnight snack, I make these egg toasts.

Now, a word about poultry eggs: I am lucky because in Minnesota where I live, we have access to farm–fresh chicken eggs (which make all the difference here), but if you can make this with farm–fresh duck eggs, prepare to have your mind blown. Get the Recipe