Last night at the anniversary party for NYC's 5 Ninth, the restaurant's now former chef Zak Pelaccio talked about how happy he was going to be not cooking at night and having time to hang out with his adorable son, Hudson. That time might be relatively short as it seems that Borough Food & Drink (which, as both Eater and Grubstreet have noted, is his collaboration with Jeffrey Chodorow celebrating the food of New York's five boroughs—which as it happens, was sort of the theme of the 5 Ninth party) will soft-open the week of June 18th. Reports say that ovens sat outside the place two weeks ago, just waiting to be installed. Reports also say that they're keeping the plywood up at the 22nd Street space—best known as the site of Rocco DiSpirito's former TV reality venue, The Restaurant—to rebuff any nosy bloggers. Which means that we should see pictures by tomorrow.