10 Recipes to Celebrate Julia Child's Birthday

To honor Julia Child's birthday today, here are 10 recipes by frequent Julia collaborators and more dishes she loved.

Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Happy Birthday, Julia Child! It's been over one hundred years since Child's birth, and yet her humor, passion and expertise still influence the food world today. To honor her today, Food & Wine and our sister brands including Time, Health and My Recipes are hosting a Julia Child marathon via Facebook Live! To make your own tribute at home, here are 10 recipes by frequent Julia collaborators and some dishes she would have loved.

1. Boeuf Bourguignon

One of the very first episode of PBS's The French Chef featured this classic. This recipe for the decadent, winey beef stew comes from frequent Julia collaborator Jacques Pépin.

2. Bouillabaisse

This recipe uses fish trimmings and bones to build a foundational stock; your fishmonger can prepare them, or you can chop and beat the carcass yourself (as Julia did).

3. Quiche Lorraine

Julia said quiche is practically fool-proof. We won't disagree, but the trick to getting it right is partially cooking the buttery French pastry shell before adding the filling. After baking, the center will be soft and creamy and crust will be perfectly browned.

4. Cheese Soufflé

To keep them from overflowing, wrap the ramekins with tin foil, just like Julia did on The French Chef.

5. French Onion Soup

Julia famously skewered healthy eating trends and their adherents (lumping them all as "the anti-fat people"), but we think she'd like this version of French onion soup that's made with whole grain toast. Especially with a generous topping of Gruyère cheese.

6. Crêpes Suzette

Some of Julia's most famous televised moments involve sharp tools and fire. These sweet crépes Suzette with Grand Marnier have a dramatic, flaming finish.

7. Cauliflower Gratin

Gratins are the gooiest way to cook vegetables with "loving care," as Julia said. This cheesy casserole gets spice from a pinch of nutmeg and white pepper.

8. Vichyssoise

One of Julia's favorite dishes was this cold potato soup with leeks. Though she said cream is by no means necessary, it's a "nourishing touch" to counter the sharp onion flavors.

9. Roasted Chicken

Julia brought kitchen techniques like trussing a chicken from austere French restaurants into American households. This recipe illustrates the perfect method for stuffing and basting a bird, and it features a syrupy sauce made from the pan drippings.

10. Cassoulet

Julia was a big believer in improvising from whatever was on hand; the cassoulet was her way of using leftovers. This particular style gets its name from Toulouse, where duck confit and garlicky French sausages are the proteins of choice for the famously rich bean casserole.

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