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It's Jackie Summers' Time to Shine
The creator of the newly-relaunched Sorel talks about finding a new lease on life, communing with his ancestors, and building an unbreakable legacy for Black creators in the beverage industry.  
Give the Geechee Girl Her Due
Valerie Erwin has been in the rice game for her whole life, and it's about time she got recognized.
Angie Mar's Grand Return
Introspective and deeply personal, her new restaurant Les Trois Chevaux is an ode to old-school luxury.
Kurt Evans Praises Black Heritage Cooking, Fights Mass Incarceration—One Plate and Pizza at a Time
The Philly chef and restaurateur is paving new paths to the kitchen for formerly incarcerated folks.
Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2021
The 33rd class of Best New Chefs will guide the industry toward a stronger, brighter, more equitable future for workers and diners alike.

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Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2021: Ji Hye Kim
Inspired by Michigan ingredients and memories of her mother’s cooking, this Best New Chef offers lessons in the history of Korean cuisine interspersed among layers of flavor and texture.
Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2021: Carlo Lamagna
Family is central to this Filipino chef’s food and philosophy. His cooking is an homage to the vibrant flavors of his childhood, a tribute to his late father, and a promise to a community whose ambitions he wants to support.

Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2021: Lucas Sin

Through a delicious deep dive into research and development and a visionary new business model, this Best New Chef wants to change the way you think about American Chinese food.