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An Invitation to Vegan Comfort Food

Pinky Cole is the Founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan, an ultra-popular vegan burger chain based in Atlanta, Georgia.

How JJ Johnson Beat 2020

As early as January, the chef was in danger of losing FieldTrip. Now, he has two more restaurants opening later this month.

Nik Sharma Has a Winning Formula for Flavor

Scientist-turned-cookbook author Nik Sharma talks with Julia Turshen about emotion, research, and his favorite condiments.

I’m a Bar Manager, and COVID-19 Has Permanently Altered My Sense of Taste

Seven months after testing positive, aged spirits still taste totally off to me—almost like pineapple made of cardboard.

Alexander Smalls Hosts the Best Dinner Parties in New York

At his Harlem residence, renowned chef and author Alexander Smalls entertains like no one else—even when “entertaining” means gathering guests on the stoop outside for cocktails and pie at a social distance.

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Chef Alexander Smalls’ Dinner Party Playlist

The co-owner of Minton’s, a jazz supper club in Harlem, and the former chef/owner of New York City restaurants Café Beulah, Sweet Ophelia's, Shoebox Cafe, and The Cecil, shares his favorite tunes to listen to while entertaining.

Cheryl Day Wants You to Slow Down and Taste the Sweet Life

"I cannot imagine not creating my own destiny every single day. There's stress that comes with that, but we still love it."