Cheetos Releases Appliance for Grinding Up Their Snacks to Dust All Over Your Favorite Foods

The Cheetos Duster is being sold exclusively through Amazon while supplies last.

The Cheetos Duster grinding appliance

To the tidy types among us, the orange dust that sticks to your fingers while eating Cheetos is a messy nightmare. But to Cheetos fans, it's the source of the snack's amazing flavor — and it has a name: Cheetle. Last year, the brand even hosted a cheese dust exhibition at Art Basel featuring works made from Cheetle.

Now, Cheetos is making it easier than ever for the Cheetos-obsessed to get their hands on that sweet, sweet Cheetle, launching what's being called the brand’s "first-ever cooking gadget," the Cheetos Duster.

Now, we're all adults here so we can admit that the Cheetos Duster isn't much more than a heavily-branded miniature blender billed as perfect for grinding up Cheetos. But at the same time, for $19.99, a mini-Cheetos blender in all of its intense orange glory might be exactly the new appliance you've been looking for.

"From Cheetos-coated mozzarella sticks and Flamin' Hot Turkey Legs to Cheetos-rimmed cocktails and even Cheetos-dusted ice cream, fans have incorporated Cheetle into recipes to elevate dishes to epic proportions," the brand explains. "Now, Cheetos has decided to level up the process and introduce a new fun and easier way to achieve cheesy goodness!"

Using the device is simple. Cheetos says fill the jar with any Cheetos snack, screw it into the base, and press the button to blend. "From there, dust Cheetle on all your favorite foods to bring an unexpected cheesy bite to any dish and wow your guests this holiday season," the brand continues. "Cheetle can be mixed in with breadcrumbs, added to spice mixes, sprinkled on as a garnish, and so much more!"

The Cheetos Duster was created in partnership with Amazon and is available exclusively through the online retailer. ( provides a direct link.) But act fast: Cheetos says only a limited number will be available.

Not convinced? Amazon and Cheetos even offer up an entire Cooking with Cheetos recipe page. From the aforementioned Cheetos Flamin' Hot Turkey Leg to Cheetos Gyros, Cheetos Poutine, even a Cheetos Flamin' Hot Donut, they’re all there, and many, many more. The page features over a dozen savory recipes along with nine uses for Cheetle in sweet treats as well.

That said, a debate could be had amongst Cheetos diehards: Are blended up Cheetos really "Cheetle?" Or is Cheetle only technically the flavored dust on the outside of a Cheetos snack? It's a great thing to ponder while you sip your Cheetos-rimmed cocktails.

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