Celsius Drinkers: You Could Get Up to $250 from a New Class-Action Lawsuit

Here's how to get your money.

Celsius is having a rough year… and it’s only February. At the end of January, the energy drink brand was ordered to pay up $82 million to Flo Rida after breaching an endorsement deal between 2014 and 2018. Now, the company is involved in a class-action lawsuit that could pay out up to $250 each to Celsius drinkers, according to Today.

So, what’s the deal? It’s an issue with labeling, specifically a line that says Celsius products don’t contain preservatives when it, in fact, does have citric acid in the ingredients. While the company insisted that citric acid is used to boost flavor as opposed to preserve it, they did end up agreeing to a settlement. But let’s quickly get something important out of the way to soothe the nerves: citric acid is one of the most common additives to food, as it does help preserve and boost flavor. Drinking a beverage with citric acid in it isn’t going to cause damage or harm.

You are eligible to receive part of this settlement if you purchased a Celsius drink between January 1, 2015, and November 23, 2022. The class-action website outlines that each can of Celsius will get you $1. If you purchased packs of Celsius On-theGo or Flo Fusion powdered drinks, you can receive $5 per package of 14. The cashout is capped at $250 per household, and you’re going to need your receipts. But if you don’t have the printed proof, you could still receive $20 per household.

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Only those who live in the United States are eligible for reimbursement, and the drinks had to be purchased for personal consumption — not resale or distribution. If you’re really feeling passionate about this news, you can also attend the Final Fairness Hearing on March 31, 2023.

You’ve only got a few days to find those receipts — the deadline to submit for compensation is February 13, 2023. You can read all of the lawsuit details here.

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