This Hotel Just Installed a Caviar Hotline for 24/7 Caviar Service

Just dial 5.

Park Lane New York Hotel's caviar hotline

Courtesy of Park Lane New York

There’s only one good use for a landline in 2023: as a caviar hotline. 

This week, the Park Lane New York Hotel announced it's putting its in-house phones to use for Valentine’s Day by introducing a caviar hotline that guests can use at any time during their stay.

According to the hotel’s website, all guests need to do is dial “5” from their in-room phones. Once connected, they can choose from a delicious menu of caviar options, including bites of smoked salmon blinis, caviar nachos, and deviled eggs, all served alongside Petrossian Royal Ossetra caviar.

Guests can also choose to eat it straight, ordering either 12- or 30-gram tins of Petrossian Royal Ossetra, with a side of blinis, crème fraîche, capers, and red onion. Guests can pair their caviar with Champagne or vodka, depending on their mood. 

"We wanted to provide a unique yet luxurious and fun experience. The Caviar Hotline has a tinge of nostalgia and just the right amount of mischief. Our guests can indulge in a range of caviar experiences at the touch of a dial," Prince A. Sanders, the managing director at Park Lane New York, shared in a statement with Travel + Leisure about the delicious room service addition.

Park Lane New York Hotel's champagne and caviar

Courtesy of Park Lane New York

Though this particular service is only available to guests of Park Lane, visitors are more than welcome to pop into Harry’s New York Bar, located in the hotel, for dinner or a drink, where they can also order a sampling of Petrossian with their meal. Guests can also pop by for Caviar Happy Hour, launching this month, for daily caviar offerings from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

This caviar hotline is a welcome continuation of the caviar trend that helped define travel in 2022. As Food & Wine previously explained, caviar was a big part of hospitality last year. Hotels like The Inn Above Tide in Sausalito, California, partnered with Deborah Keane, founder of the California Caviar Company and owner of the Bump Bar, to provide guests with a $100 gift card to the sustainably farmed caviar restaurant, while Caviar Kaspia announced its first U.S. outpost at The Mark Hotel in New York City. 

Here's an important reminder: You don’t need to travel to enjoy caviar this Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter. You just need to learn the Caviar Commandments and enjoy it wherever you please. But, we won't deny that a stay at a fancy hotel for Valentine's Day makes the entire caviar-eating experience far more romantic.

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