Caraway’s Latest Product Is the Cookware Accessory I Never Knew I Needed

The brand’s signature nonstick coating never disappoints.

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Caraway Steamer Duo


If you’re like me and have a small kitchen, you’re probably picky about the products you buy. That’s why I believe the best cookware pieces are the most versatile (think: sheet pans, Dutch ovens, etc.). One item I haven’t given much thought to is a steamer basket, but I’ve quickly realized that I’ve been missing out on this easy-to-use multipurpose accessory. 

Caraway, one of our favorite nonstick, toxin-free cookware brands, launched its newest product today: The Steamer Duo, offering one size suitable for the brand’s 3-quart saucepan and another compatible with the 6.5-quart Dutch oven. The smaller option is ideal for individuals or couples, while the bigger version fits enough for families. They are the first steamer baskets made with a nonstick ceramic coating, enabling them to heat quickly and clean easily. What’s more, you can use them as colanders for draining pasta and conveniently store them inside their complementary piece of cookware.

Caraway steamer and Dutch oven

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When the brand reached out about sending me the large steamer to try, I thought I might like it but wasn’t expecting to love it. However, after many uses, it has officially earned my seal of approval. It’s not your average flimsy steamer basket: This model is sturdy enough to hold big batches of food, provides a smooth release for sticky dumplings, has easy-to-grip handles for removal and cleaning — and best of all, gives already-versatile Dutch ovens another use.

Caraway steamer packaging

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The Caraway steamer arrived in a recyclable box tucked inside a drawstring bag that can either be used for storage or as an eco-friendly produce bag. It came with instructions on how to use the steamer, but I wished it included a guide with cook times for different types of food. Although that information was fairly easy to find online, a physical booklet would have been convenient. 

If you’re not familiar with using a steamer, you’ll be happy to hear that the process is incredibly simple. You start by adding an inch of water to your Dutch oven (or saucepan for the smaller steamer) and then bring it to a boil. Next, insert the steamer basket and food and cook on medium heat covered for as long as your recipe recommends. Once your food is tender, carefully remove the steamer basket and let it cool before cleaning it with warm, soapy water. To prolong the nonstick coating, it’s best to wash by hand instead of running it through the dishwasher. It’s also crucial to wear oven mitts because the Dutch oven’s lid and the steamer basket handles get very hot during the cooking process.

Caraway steamer with eggs

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During the past few weeks, I’ve used the steamer for every type of meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to evaluate how it works with different recipes. For breakfast, I prepared steamed apples that I tossed in cinnamon and enjoyed in oatmeal and in a yogurt bowl. I also made perfectly-cooked hard-boiled eggs for a morning and afternoon snack. While they can be a hassle using other cooking methods, 15 minutes in the steamer was the right amount of time for a bright yellow, cooked-through yolk, and removal was a breeze thanks to the elevated basket. And, of course, I steamed the classics — dumplings and vegetables. The latter were tender yet still had a nice bite, and the former was easy to remove from the nonstick surface. In addition to these recipes, the steamer basket came in handy when washing the produce prior to steaming and when draining pasta to accompany the steamed broccoli. 

Hard-boiled eggs on plate

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After many uses, I can say I will definitely continue to use this steamer basket. It allows you to use your Dutch oven for different dishes and is a quick and easy way to steam your favorite foods. At $55 for the smaller size and $65 for the large one, the steamer baskets are pricier than most models on the market but are much higher quality. Invest in one today and see how much more creative your weekly menu gets. 

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