ButcherBox vs. Omaha Steaks: A Review

We tested two of the biggest meat delivery services on the market; here’s what we thought.

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About ButcherBox

ButcherBox is a meat delivery service that touts itself as a way to make humanely raised meat accessible to people throughout the United States. Its beef is 100% grass-fed and -finished, while its hogs eat a primarily vegetarian diet and live crate-free lives. ButcherBox also offers free-range, USDA-certified organic chicken and wild-caught seafood. Though you can buy one-off boxes, the company operates primarily as a monthly subscription service.


About Omaha Steaks

Another juggernaut in the meat delivery industry, Omaha Steaks offers a vast selection of meat and seafood, along with prepared meals, sides, desserts, and even wine. Though such a large selection could be overwhelming, the website allows you to filter by protein and cut. You can buy a single package of hamburger patties or a bundle that will feed your family for a month (or more!), just not as a recurring order.

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Omaha Steaks

ButcherBox vs. Omaha Steaks at a Glance

Starting Price Delivery Area  Products Arrive  Customers Can Choose Delivery Date?  Free Shipping? 
ButcherBox $146 per month 48 states Frozen No Yes
Omaha Steaks Varies; can buy individual items 50 states Frozen Yes Yes, on orders over $169

Price Comparison

Company Starting Price per Serving Highest Price per Serving Additional Menu Items
ButcherBox $146 for Curated Classic Box for 8–11 lbs. of meat $306 for Classic Custom Box for 18–26 lbs. of meat
Add-ons such as ground bison, breaded chicken strips, and chicken nuggets can be added as part of your order
Omaha Steaks $10 for 12 oz. of beef franks $550 for Private Reserve Steak flight (approx. 9 lbs. of steak) Prepared frozen meals, sides, desserts, and wine available for purchase

ButcherBox Customer Reviews

I found ButcherBox focuses on doing one thing and doing it well. The company is transparent in its sourcing, is B Corp certified, and regularly updates consumers on its social and environmental responsibility goals. Its products are carefully packaged in containers made from mostly recyclable materials, and the meat is of excellent quality. The pork was tender and flavorful, with a texture more akin to steak than the pork chops I was used to buying, and the steaks were nicely marbled and grilled up beautifully. However, those looking to do more of their grocery shopping with this service will need to look elsewhere for things like seasonings or sides.

Omaha Steaks Customer Reviews

If you’re looking for choice, Omaha Steaks has it in abundance. You can order a high-quality steak and a twice-baked potato to go along with it. I liked that you could even order a bottle of wine for a true one-stop shopping experience. The meats I ordered from Omaha Steaks all arrived frozen and in pristine condition. The steaks and chicken were tender and flavorful; the chicken, though cut into thin cutlets, was juicy (no easy feat for chicken breast). However, environmentally conscious cooks may not appreciate the polystyrene insulated cooler the products arrive in and that grass-fed and free-range meats are not emphasized. 

Pros and Cons



  • Transparent sourcing
  • Most packaging is recyclable
  • Fully customizable box options 


  • Only meat and seafood; no desserts, sides, etc.
  • No overnight/next-day shipping

Omaha Steaks


  • Enormous variety
  • Fast shipping
  • Good selection of premium steaks


  • No subscription option
  • Must spend at least $169 for free shipping

Alternatives to ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks

If neither service fits your needs, there are other options that allow you to skip the grocery store and have meat delivered directly to your home. For a small-butcher-shop feel, Porter Road and Rastelli’s are both excellent choices, with high-quality meats and an emphasis on sustainable sourcing practices. If you like the convenience of a subscription, Crowd Cow offers flexible, customizable monthly shipments. And if you prefer seafood, Fulton Fish Market offers unparalleled variety. 

Final Thoughts

A meat delivery service can offer so many things, including convenience and variety. If your household needs a steady source of protein with an emphasis on sustainability, ButcherBox may be a good fit. However, if you’re looking for a service that lets you purchase side dishes and prepared meals, Omaha Steaks is an excellent choice. With either service, you can be assured you’re getting high-quality products without leaving your home.


What Grade Are Omaha Steaks?

Omaha Steaks doesn’t grade its steaks based on the USDA grading system comprising Prime, Choice, and Select (the lowest of the three tiers); it uses its own system based on factors such as tenderness, consistency, and marbling. The company notes that most of its beef is rated Prime or Choice.

Are Omaha Steaks Products Frozen?

Yes, Omaha Steaks flash-freezes and vacuum seals its meat before shipping. The meat is sent in a polystyrene cooler with dry ice to ensure it arrives frozen. Once it arrives, you can either store it in the freezer or thaw it in your refrigerator or microwave (if you’re in a hurry!).

Is Omaha Steaks Beef From Grass-Fed Cows?

Not all of Omaha Steaks’ beef comes from grass-fed cows, though it is an option you can filter for on the website when making a purchase. If grass-fed beef is a factor in your decision, you may want to consider ButcherBox; all of its cows are grass-fed and finished. 

Is ButcherBox Humane?

ButcherBox prides itself on providing transparent animal welfare and nutrition information. Its beef is 100% grass-fed, while its hogs are crate-free and fed a mostly vegetarian diet. ButcherBox’s chickens are fed organic feed and are free-range, and the company’s seafood is wild-caught using sustainable methods.

What Grade Are ButcherBox Steaks?

Like Omaha Steaks, ButcherBox does not use USDA grading labels on its beef. This is primarily because most of its meat comes from Australia, which has a more extensive system for certifying pasture-raised meat than the U.S. does. While the USDA or a comparable agency inspects the meat, the company does not apply the USDA grading system.

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