Burger King Wants to Give You Free Fries for Six Months

Here's how to score your free treat.

French fries

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Love french fries? Member of Burger King's Royal Perks Rewards program? This story is for you. 

Last fall, the fast food chain launched its Frequent Fry'er promotion allowing Royal Perks members to score a free order of fries once a week to accompany any order placed through the Burger King app. That deal was supposed to end in 2022, but, much to the delight of fried food fans everywhere, Burger King has announced that free fries will be a thing through June 30, 2023. 

To get your Frequent Fry'er freebies, you'll need to either have or sign up for a free Royal Perks account and place your meal order through the app. Members can collect a free order of fries — size small, medium, or large — once a week (the week resets every Monday). 

"Since announcing the rollout of our loyalty program last September, Royal Perks is now available in nearly every Burger King restaurant nationwide," Tom Curtis, Burger King North America president, shared in a press release in April about the promotion. "Enhancing the digital Guest experience continues to be a major focus for our brand, and we're confident this latest offer will attract even more loyal fans while rewarding our existing members." (That "nearly every" restaurant is an important caveat. You should make sure your local BK is participating before counting on six months of freebies.) 

In addition to free fries every week, Royal Perks members earn 10 Crowns for every dollar spent on in-person orders and orders made through the app or the website and cash in those Crowns for eligible menu items on future orders. Members can also upsize their order of fries, hash browns, drinks, or coffee for free once a day. 

It's worth noting that Burger King's fries are vegan and, according to Mashed, always have been, making this a freebie for all. 

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