Since when do waffles have to be made out of plain batter? We've made versions out of shredded potatoes, kimchi and cinnamon rolls. There are so many ingredients that do well in a waffle iron. Food & Wine's guide to waffles helps you to explore all of the possibilities by including recipes for classically sweet ideas, savory waffle-filled dinners and gluten-free variations, plus the best waffle spots to try throughout the country. You're guaranteed to never have a boring waffle again.

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Basil-and-Corn Cornmeal Waffles
These loaded cornmeal waffles are your next brunch showstopper, balancing savory, salty, and sweet flavors all in one dish. Fresh corn kernels and honey lend their sweetness to the waffles, while cornmeal gives them a pleasant bite. Basil and chives are then blended into both the waffle batter and the silky crème fraîche topping, which gets piled on each waffle along with rich, salty smoked salmon and perfectly cooked poached eggs. A sprinkle of chives adds a final pop of brightness.
Sourdough Buttermilk Waffles
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If you can't find full-fat buttermilk at the market, you're better off substituting a mix of milk and sour cream instead (see amounts below). Collect your sourdough discard in a bowl in the fridge, adding to it until you have enough for the recipe. The sourdough discard can keep for up to 5 days before using. You can also make pancakes with this batter—see Note below for details.
Tater Tot Waffles with Smoked Salmon and Caviar
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Jen Pelka of The Riddler in San Francisco makes supercrunchy and delicious waffles using Tater Tots. Here she tops the waffles with caviar and smoked salmon, creating a delicious and decadent dish that’s ideal with Champagne. Slideshow: More Waffle Recipes 
13 Next-Level Waffle Recipes
Sweet or savory, syrup-drenched or caviar-topped, waffles are the ultimate comfort food. Here, find our absolute favorites recipes for light, crispy, flavorful waffles.
Yeasty Waffles
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Jeff Potter offers a waffle recipe made with yeast instead of baking powder in his book, Cooking for Geeks. A yeast enzyme called zymase helps make the waffles rich and sweet. More Waffle Recipes

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Light and Crispy Waffles
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When we made these simple waffles from Pam Anderson's cookbook, Cook Smart, their rich buttermilk flavor and crisp yet light texture won over even longtime fans of yeast-based waffle. The recipe can be doubled, tripled, even quadrupled, just don't stack the waffles—they will become moist and limp. If necessary, recrisp the waffles directly on a rack in a 200°F oven. More Brunch Ideas
Liège Waffles
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Malin Elmlid bartered her bread for Belgian pearl sugar, the key ingredient in these Liège-style waffles: The smooth balls of sugar add pops of sweetness and caramelize to make the exterior crisp. Elmlid sometimes flavors her waffles with saffron, but the vanilla-scented ones here are more traditional. More Waffle Recipes