The app-and-toaster bundle will sear cute drawings (or passive-aggressive notes!) onto your warm bread.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Toasteroid

Here's a new way to make to make breakfast adorable: Dress up your toast with customized designs. Toasteroid, an app-controlled toaster, just launched on Kickstarter last month—and if the project is fully funded in the next 39 days, pretty soon you'll be able to print whatever graphic you like on your morning bread. Here's how it works: Pop slices of bread into the Toasteroid, open your Toasteroid app, and either choose a pre-made graphic or draw your own. The toaster does the rest—customizing heat settings to imprint your design on your toast. You can even leave reminder messages for family members—or even passive aggressive notes for your spouse (just kidding?).

For a limited time, early bird Kickstarter backers will receive a mini Toasteroid—which can toast two slices at a time, but will only print on one slice—for a $59 pledge. To receive a Toasteroid that can print on two slices (scheduled to ship mid-2017), backers need to pledge at least $79.

As for breakfast aficionados worried about the quality of their toast, don't worry, the Toasteroid team have got that covered. "When we first started developing Toasteroid, we promised ourselves that no matter how the final product came out with however many fun and fancy features, the toasts it makes needed to be tasty with the perfect crunch," the Kickstarter promises. "And we have done just that. Every piece of toast Toasteroid makes is a wonderful combination of external crunch and internal softness. Extra brownness is available for all bread types with its extra long and wide slot." Extra brownness!

What will you print on your toast?